Heathrow Airport: An Introduction to Car Parking

Long Stay Parking 4 Heathrow

Heathrow Airport

It is the busiest airport of England situated in west London. In terms of passengers traffic Heathrow is sitting on top of the list of the busiest airports of the Europe. Heathrow comes at 6 among the airports of the world’s according to total traveler’s traffic.  Heathrow has set an amazing record of handling 75 million passengers in the year 2015. Such huge amount of passengers is travelling across the country or abroad. Most of people usually use their own vehicles to approach the airport to capture the flight.

Heathrow Airport
Heathrow Airport

Using own conveyance makes it more easy for the passenger to reach their required terminal, Otherwise passenger have to wait in long queues to enter in airport area While they come on public transport. Own car also ensures the reach for the flight while public transport is not available on public holidays or late in nights. So each car which is driven to airport needs a car parking. Heathrow airport has an immense car parking area. It provides a range of parking facilities according to the travelers need.

Following is an overview of different parking options at Heathrow airport.

Heathrow Business Parking

Business Parking at Heathrow is an executive class parking which provides leisure benefits. It is for the people who don’t want to spend in time for parking their car at some distance parking area. Business parking is situated really close to the terminal, so it takes no time to reach for the flight after parking the car. Business car park mostly situated within the airport building, so it takes less time to reach for the car.

Heathrow Long Stay Parking

As it is appearing from the name of this type of parking, Long Stay parking is for the people who want to park their car for longer period of time which is mostly in days or can be weeks. Long stay parking is available at all terminals of Heathrow airport. Lang Stay parking area is located at some distance away from the terminal area. This distance varies from terminal to terminal.

There is a shuttle bus service that goes to terminal area every 10 minutes and brings travelers from the parking area to the terminal. This shuttle service also brings passengers from terminal to car parking area on their returning flight. Long stay parking area for each terminal at Heathrow airport is located in different places, some are situated a little away and some are a little near to the terminal. Passenger transferring shuttle takes an average of 7 minutes to accomplish distance.

An average Shuttle Journey time between long stay parking and Terminal

Journey time for Terminal 2:  10.7 minutes

Journey time for Terminal 3:  18 minutes

Journey time for Terminal 4:  5.04 minutes

Journey time for Terminal 5:  7.56 minutes

People going for spending holiday with family or with friends; thousands of them choose long stay parking to take advantage of their own car to reach for airport and to reach for their home on their return.

It is safe and secure car parking with special security staff patrolling frequently.

Booking Long stay parking at Heathrow in advance gives extra benefits and discounts. You may use online booking service which can save you lot of time plus a peace of mind on coming to airport with booked slot to park the car. You can visit parking 4 airport to get excellent service to book long stay parking; it also serves customers with lowest discounted rates that 10% to 50% less than regular rate.

Heathrow Short Stay Parking

Heathrow short stay parking service on Heathrow airport is a parking service provided for the people coming into airport for a shorter period of time; mostly coming to see off or drop off their friends or family. Parking area for short stay is located on a convenient location; just besides the terminal building for all Heathrow terminals. This service is ideal for parking a car less than 5 hours.

Heathrow Terminal 3 Short Stay Parking
Heathrow Terminal 3 Short Stay Parking

To book Heathrow Short Stay Parking on discounted rates, visit parking 4 airport.

Heathrow Meet and Greet Parking Service

It is leisure way of car parking for busy people or for those who want to provide more comfort to their family, in the task of parking the car at Heathrow airport. You have to Book in advance for Meet and Greet parking, on reaching airport just bring the car to short stay parking area of the airport, Meet and Greet service staff will serve you there and will park car for.

Heathrow Valet parking service

The most luxurious and comfortable way of car parking at Heathrow airport. Traveler who booked for Valet car parking will drive the car directly into the terminal building, Valet parking staff will be there to serve you and park your car on secure and safe location.

Valet Parking
Valet Parking

Heathrow Park and Ride parking service

It is also called some time the park and fly parking service also. This is the convenient way of car parking, Book for car parking prior to your flight, drive in to car parking area and parking staff will take care of your you can proceed ahead to terminal for the flight. Shuttle bus service is provided mostly to transfer passengers form parking location to the terminal area.

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