New Baggage Robot on Work at Heathrow Terminal 3

New Baggage Robot on Work at Heathrow

Quickest baggage transfer via robots is being applied at Heathrow terminal 3, let’s have a look at this amazing technology.

We have discussed about the amazing summer sale by British airways specially offered for travelers via Heathrow. Now we are seeing through the amazing glimpse of robots in baggage system at Heathrow airport.

A millions pound project of bagging system of robots is being developed for baggage shifting work at Heathrow. This baggage system will be initially implied to Heathrow terminal 3 at first. It will be state of the art baggage system and will be the largest and biggest baggage system form after its completion. Management says new baggage transfer will be capable of handling 7200 bags per hour while current baggage system has the ability to handle 5200 bags in an hour, so it would a great incremental service for passengers at Heathrow.

Travelers do not realize what arrangements are being applied below the surface at Heathrow to serve them on high standards and make their stay at Heathrow a pleasant time.

This baggage system is structured to serve at a rapid pace, reducing the time for baggage transfer to 90 minutes. Heathrow’s second tallest control tower is being used as its base house.

Robots at Work in the Industry
Robots at Work in the Industry

Its partial opening is set to be launched in year 2016 and full work of this huge baggage system is set to start work in the near future.

These robots use in baggage system is derived from the industry, which makes best use of available space and on rapid way working styles to eliminate extra expense of time and money.

Automated Features

  • Can automatically sort the bags according to their flights.
  • Arrange the bags according to their weight and size.
  • Automatically sends the bags on conveyor belt for loading into containers

Conveyer belts length and Capacity of Baggage System at Heathrow airport

The length of conveyor belts at Heathrow airport is 30 miles and it has the ability to arrange, sort and transfer 185000 bags daily.

Baggage Tunnel Connecting Terminal 3 and Terminal 5
Baggage Tunnel Connecting Terminal 3 and Terminal 5

Baggage tunnel to Connect Terminal 3 and Terminal 5

Europe’s longest tunnel connecting terminals is a 1.2 kilo meters long tunnel, built to connect Terminal 3 and Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport. Which is saving an immense amount of time and resources, as it has saved Heathrow management from 120,000 vehicle transportation inside Heathrow.

This moves bags at a fast speed 25 mph which results in more time saving for the busiest airport of the Europe.

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