Tips to Make Air Travel as Easy as One Two Three

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Most Frequent flyers eventually come to know about hacks to make their airport and flight experience an easy task.

There are not mysteries or hidden secrets about to make air travel easy. It’s just the fact that passengers do not know everything. When you know all the procedures, rules, facilities etc, It will become dumb easy to travel by air.

I am pointing out some airport tips that each air traveler must want know.

Late Night Travel can save you a lot

People working late in nights produce a symptom called Red Eye. Red eye flight is a term used for flights that departure late in night and arrives early in the morning. Most people avoid such flights.

But Red eye flight provides some cool benefits. First is the price of ticket, which is lower than the day time flights. Secondly traveler can enjoy the sleep during the flight. Also airport is less crowdie at such time and all procedures of airport clearance go rapidly. Mostly there is no need to wait in line and queues.

Use own Car to arrive in Airport

Using your own car to reach airport to catch your flight in time is a far best option as compared to use of public transport. It can save you time, it can assure you reach for the flight. Public transport usually takes more time and proved to be more risky as it can cause you to miss the flight. You can drive your car right in front of terminal forecourt if you have booked in advance for the valet parking.

Car to Arrive in Airport
Car to Arrive in Airport

Valet parking is luxurious way of car parking. You drive your car at the terminal and staff of valet parking welcome you there and park your car for you, in the mean while you may proceed for the flight. There are other way car parking Such as Meet and Greet, in which you drive your car into parking area adjacent to terminal at airport, parking staff, will park the car for you. You can get booked your car for parking online through at lowest rate.

First class Lounge makes it more pleasurable

First class lounge at airport is a thing of joy900 first class lounges are provided with in priority pass. You may also find a way to enter first class lounge just by accompanying someone with entry pass. Other ways to entry includes, pay by entry which may cost 30 to 50 bucks. If your stay at airport is long between flights, then you should enjoy these beautiful places at airport: providing better food, shower and other hospitality.

First Class Lounge
First Class Lounge

Virgin Atlantic first class lounge at Heathrow airport is one of world’s top ten.

Use Touch Screen Kiosk to save time

Using Touch screen kiosk can save you lot of time. It is a self check in method provided at Heathrow air port. By using touch screen kiosk user can check in and initiate the process of getting clearance for the flight.

Ask for a wheelchair for elderly or disabled

If you are accompanying with someone having disability or some elderly person, walking through vast area of airport can be really painful. It is better to apply for the wheel chair at the time booking your flight. It will be provided free of cost.

It is better to bring your own food for flight

It is better to bring some frozen food with you to eat while flying. Don’t put yourself only at snakes or little food given by Airline Company in the plane. Insufficient in take food can make your long journey a bit pain full.

Take a caution using Airports Public WiFi

Wifi internet service provided at airports is free of cost but you should not use it for sending your personal information. While using Public wifi someone may easily be able to hack your precious information.

Watch some Entertainment to keep enjoying your Time

If you find a time free for yourself to enjoy at airports, so why not amuse yourself by watching movies or some sort. Of entertainment you like.

You may play movie on your laptop or even your smart phone or even listen to songs.

Have time between flights: Take rest

Take Rest Room
Take Rest Room

If you have enough time between flights, you may find some Yotel pod and next generation cabins to take rest. Heathrow airport terminal 4 has such kind a hotel called YOTEL.

There are lots of activities you may find such as attending a spa, shopping at some duty free shops, or eating some food at some awesome restaurant at airport.

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