The Awesome Building of Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

Heathrow Terminal 5 Buliding

It is State of the art, the largest free Structure/stand alone building of the entire United Kingdom.

It comprises of a huge area equal to area covered by 5 football grounds. Building is occupying 260-hectares area. Heathrow terminal 5 Building is structured with the use of glass and steel that gives a feel of space inside the building. Engineers build the building to be energy efficient. It has started its operations on March, 27, 2008.

Heathrow T5 building is mainly used by the British Air UK, s national airline. British air is the Flag carrier airline of United Kingdom.

We discussed earlier about travel operations at Heathrow and how to go through all steps easily and make your air travel easy.

Terminal 5 Buildings Complex

Terminal 5 is a complex of buildings which consist of many buildings. More over a newly built control tower and Railway station for Terminal 5 is also included.

Heathrow Terminal 5 Complex
Heathrow Terminal 5 Complex

Terminal 5A: The main terminal building.

Terminal 5B: The first satellite building of terminal 5.

Terminal 5C: The second satellite building of terminal 5.

Terminal 5C started its workings on June 2011 for the first time.

The main Building of Terminal 5 Complex

It is the largest building in the complex and also the largest stand alone building in the UK. This gigantic structure has following dimensions.

Satellite Buildings of Terminal 5
Satellite Buildings of Terminal 5

Dimensions of Heathrow Terminal 5A building:

Length: 1299 feet (396 Meters)

Width: 577 feet (176 meters)

Height: 130 feet (40meters)

It is a single steel frame built, 4 story building.

Baggage Handling System

Terminal 5A is equipped with the largest baggage handling system in the world. It has the ability to serve 4000 bags in one hour only. The Baggage handling system has an extensive 8 kilo meters long track and have 18 kilo meters long conveyor belts. This baggage handling system also has store to save 4000 bags at a time.

Baggage Handling System
Baggage Handling System

There is vast check in hall and departure lounge at terminal 5A building. There are also located retail stores at lounge areas for travelers.

The satellite buildings of Terminal 5

There are two satellite buildings at Heathrow terminal 5, Terminal 5B and Terminal 5C. Terminal 5B is also a mega structure having immense dimensions of 1450 feet in length, 171 feet in width and 64 feet in height. There are provided 37 lifts and 29 escalators in this building of terminal 5B to make traveler and goods passing an easy task.

Heathrow Airport Full View
Heathrow Airport Full View

There is also a plan of building another satellite building Terminal 5D in the near future.

Frontal Building of Heathrow Terminal 5

There is built a frontal building in front of Heathrow terminal 5, so main building does not have a direct access. This frontal building consists of a 6 levels. There is a bus station in frontal building and also a multi story car parking building for short stay car parking at Heathrow. This building has a capacity of 3800 car parks.

Short stay parking is the best choice for Travelers who come to Heathrow terminal 5 for a shorter period of time. Its parking area is located just besides the main building, inside the frontal building.

It is really convenient and time saving to park the car at Heathrow short stay parking area. Don’t forget to purchase short stay car parking at Heathrow terminal 5 in advance to avail best lowest rates.

There is a convenient walkway to transfer between frontal and main building.

The new taller air traffic Controller or Control Tower

As main building of Terminal 5 has high height that’s why there is built a taller control Tower which has 285 feet high.

Heathrow Terminal 5 Control Tower
Heathrow Terminal 5 Control Tower

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