British Airways Announces its Summer Sales

British Airways

British airways are Offering stunning and hot deals of this summer holidays

British Airways the flag carrier Airline company for UK has offered the greatest sales offer of European Summer this year only £84 for return to Europe. You can avail these discounted sales opportunities for the destinations around the globe, if you are flying from UK airports, Heathrow, Gatwick or London City.

In our previous discussion, we have explained the Heathrow terminal 3 in detail. We are going take a look into appealing sales offer of England’s national airline, The British Airways. If you were looking to spend some cheap holidays, this summer is the time to have a break and enjoy yourself from a wonder place around the world.

British Airways declared 12 July as the last date to take advantage of these sales offers.

British Airways sales is applicable only for the travelers flying from Heathrow, Gatwick and London City airport. If your flight is from Heathrow, it is better to have a booking of car parking prior to your flight this can save you a lot of time and money too. Use parking 4 airport useful price comparison system to avail the cheap Heathrow airport parking for your car while traveling from Heathrow.

£349 return for New York, Vegas and Dubai

You can get a cheap air travel to the magnificent places like New York, Vegas along with magical land Dubai and Abu Dhabi for only £349 return ticket.

£499 per person for Barbados before 12 July

If you want to take a real enjoyable holidays, then Book before 12 July for amazing place Barbados whose slogan is “Beautiful and Unspoilt” and discounted rate of £499 per person from British airways.

British Airways Marketing Head says

Sara Dunham has said in an announcement by British airways media center, this summer month of June us expected full rain, so it is the time to escape from wash out and enjoy some awesome place around the world by taking advantage of this great sale offers from British airways.

Great sale Offers from British Airways
Great sale Offers from British Airways

Tampa Florida USA only £599

Book your flights to Tampa for the period of 4 January to 3 February and avail the best deal of 7 nights stay in a four-star Holiday Inn from £599 per person only. This offer also include the return flight from London Gatwick. You can have a look at British airways site for details.

Rome visit lowest rate offer

If you want to travel to Rome between 2 to 31 of August 2016. You have the chance to enjoy lowest rates for the flight and stay in Rome. 2 night stay at three star Hotel Giotto Hotel will cost you only £99 per person. This offer also includes the Euro Traveller return flight from Heathrow airport London.

Enjoy the cool trip to Spanish Lanzarote

Lanzarote the easternmost canary island in Atlantic Ocean, a place to visit and enjoy. BA (British Airways) is offering the mega package for this incredible place. Only £249 per person is the price for 7 night stay in the three-star Hotel THB Flora, if you are traveling from 2 to 13 July 2016.

Attraction of this Sales by British Airways
Attraction of this Sales by British Airways

There are many more attraction of this sales by British Airways. Visit official sight of British Airways to choose from the best fit offer for you.

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