Business Class Provisions Served by Heathrow

Business Facilities

Heathrow Airport always remains one step ahead in providing state of the art facilities and comforts for travelers.

All terminals at Heathrow are built to provide maximum business facilities. Fast track, executive lounge and priority pass are the name of a few.

in our previous article we have discussed about Types of Jobs opportunities at Heathrow airport. Now we take a look into business class facilities offered at Heathrow airport.

Fast Track: time saving luxurious way for business people

Comfort Way Traveling via Heathrow Airport is Fast Track
Comfort Way Traveling via Heathrow Airport is Fast Track

Business class travelers can avail the priority services of Fast track, offered by most of the airlines at Heathrow airport. Fast track includes facilities like, special parking, duty free counters and dedicated check in boarding places to save more than 30 minutes of time.
This Business offer can make your stay at airport a lot easier than usual. You will be providing great ease and comfort from car parking to boarding and till reach for your flight.
Facility of fast track service varies for each airline, so ask for it on booking your ticket form the airline office.
You may look for Fast track facilities by spotting the logo of fast track on the airport.

Executive lounge at Heathrow airport

Business Class Executive Lounge at Heathrow Airport
Business Class Executive Lounge at Heathrow Airport

If you want to enjoy your time at Heathrow airport in great comfort and elegance than you should chose Executive lounges at Heathrow airport. Available on all terminals of Heathrow. Book in advance to get this luxury which provide you the free snacks, newspaper and other business facilities all within reach cost.

Following is a list executive lounges at Heathrow terminals.

Terminal 2

Plaza Premium Lounges

Terminal 3

Servisair Executive Lounge
1  Traveller Bedrooms
1  Traveller Lounge

Terminal 4

Plaza Premium Lounges
SkyTeam Lounge

Terminal 5

Aspire – the Lounge and Spa (Terminal 5)
These lounges remain open from 5 am in the morning to last flight in the night. Offering you the escape from busy boarding area. All sort of business facilities is provided the executive lounges.

Priority Pass

Priority Pass
Priority Pass

It is a membership on yearly basis for the executive business lounges. By acquiring the priority pass Traveller can have access to executive lounges at nearly all big airports in the world. It is a one-time payment yearly plan of executive lounges. Plaza Premium Lounge (Terminal 2), Servisair Lounge (Terminal 3), SkyTeam Lounge (Terminal 4) and Aspire lounge and spa are included in this priority pass member ship plan on Heathrow airport.

Business Class Parking facilities at Heathrow

Business class parking is provided at all terminals of Heathrow airports. Business parking is most comfortable type of car parking at Heathrow airport. It provides the benefits of valet parking and near parking place from the terminal. Parking 4 Airport is a trusted parking service provider for business car parking at Heathrow airport.
Business car parking is specially arranged for busy business professionals. It is suitable for the people who want to park their car for short time or for some days. Parking places for business parking are not far from airport terminals so it takes less time to approach for the flight and catch your car coming from flight.

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