Is Your Car Safe At Heathrow Airport?

Secure Your Car

According to the new data from the Office of National Statistics, this year 69,547 cars were stolen or snatched from brits

There are more than 36 m cars running down the streets of UK and only last year more than 69,547 cars were reported stolen. This makes almost 0.2 pc of total cars but still it is alarming. Although the ratio of these incidents involving airports is very low but still it is a major concern to the owners of cars.

What should one do then?

  1. Keep your keys in your pocket while you leave your car.
  2. Valuable things should not belonged to your vehicle
  3. Use some physical anti-theft device
  4. Park Intelligently
  5. Use technology based auto recovery tool
  6. Don’t leave the car with running engine

     Security structure at Heathrow


Security at airports is the biggest issue, so, to provide security, different technologies are used. Parking 4 Airport provides secure car parking utilising 24/7 CCTV cameras, halogen lights and security officers.

Therefore, Parking 4 Airport car parking is better than public parking service. Security measures for parking only are not necessary airport security really matters also.

Security at Heathrow airport

Security Structure at Heathrow
Security Structure at Heathrow

Heathrow airport work with Metropolitan police for 24 hours high security measures. All passengers, which travels through airport will necessarily, passed through security control. With Metropolitan police airport security team are always there to provide security assurance.

Testing of Security

We take this responsibility very seriously and monitoring of all processes is done all the time. Different security measures are as follows:

Restricted things

Restricted Things
Restricted Things

Sharp items like blades (with edges more than 6cm), extremely sharp steels, box cutters, scissors (with edges more than 6cm from support), knifes, ice picks, or sharp pointed hand to hand fighting gear.

Cigarette or lighter (A single cigarette or lighter is allowed to only one person).

Toxic foods such as poison, oxidizers or any other that contains harmful substance.

 Bags Screening

Bags Screening
Bags Screening
  • All bags will be X-rays screened.
  • Laptop or other large electrical items can be placed in separate tray.
  • Wheelchairs will be thoroughly searched.
  • Coins, keys, mobile phones or other small items may in your coat or in hand carry.

Size and maximum number of bags

To stay away from delays, Heathrow works a two-sack arrangement at air terminal security. Just two things of hand stuff might be taken through security control, and they should be no bigger than 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm (22 in x 18 in x 10 in).

Things bigger than this must be handled in as hold gear – you can check your pack estimate utilizing the gages at registration and portable workstation sacks consider a bit of hand stuff.

Bottom lines

Security measures are important because the life of everyone is important. Parking 4 Airport provides security at every Heathrow terminal. People that want to travel through secure, ensured and reliable service always Heathrow airport and parking 4 Airport services.

We provide secured services for long stay car parking, business car parking, meet and greet service, short stay parking, park & fly service.

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