Do’s and Don’ts of Airport Parking


Nothing new. We all probably have had the experience of parking at the airport.

Sometimes, it can be a real hassle trying to find a parking space. Apart from that, getting to your airport terminal isn’t always easy as well.

So here are some do’s and don’ts in terms of airport parking.


  1. Make an online reservation. You probably should consider getting online parking reservations before you arrive at the airport. For a few bucks, you can get your own parking space!

    Get Your Own Parking Space
    Get Your Own Parking Space
  2. Book a valet service. The airports have their very own valet service that will carry your luggage, park your car and escort you to your terminal. No more roaming around in circles because we know exactly where you need to be!
  3. Leave your car at off-site parking lots. Why off-site parking lots you may ask? The problem is rather economical. People who leave their cars parked at airports till they return from their voyage cause traffic congestion. Hence, urban planners have suggested that off-site parking companies should be made about a mile apart from the airport where your cars will be kept under CCTV surveillance system. Off-site parking lots are highly affordable and hence make things so much easier!
  4. Keep your parking ticket always with you. Yes, it might sound like something you can neglect without consequences. And this is true as well. But you never know when you might need it. For example, some random person who has parked right besides has put fresh dent on your car accidently. This is when your parking ticket might come in handy.


  1. Do not leave any valuables in your car and follow other safety precautions
  2. Do not think that off-site parking services are a waste of time. The staff is highly efficient as customers are the main focus. That’s not all. There is a shuttle that will drop and pick you off from your terminal when you return! And don’t forget that your luggage will be carried for you too!
  3. Do not forget about the incentives, deals and coupons! Off-site parking companies attempt to make your pocket smile even wider by providing a stack load of incentives. Not to mention, regular customers are given extra love and care.
  4. Do not park your car just anywhere. If you choose not to park at off-site parking lots then there are some things that you should probably keep in mind. Airports follow a system of perpendicular, parallel, multi-level or other parking techniques to reduce traffic congestion. This is also to ensure your car doesn’t get scratched by other cars or due to overcrowding. Hence, it is vital to park your car wisely. This is especially for those who are only here to drop or pick up a loved one. Wouldn’t want a dent to ruin the entire mood, right?

These are some simple thing we all need to remember for a memorable trip. You can visit our blog for further information about parking services! It’s totally worth a click!

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