How Green Boulevard Plan Effect Parking at Heathrow Airport Terminal 4

Green Boulevard plan may effect parking at Heathrow Airport Terminal 4

Visionary plans to turn Central London’s

Busiest boulevards into “Green Boulevard” have been unveiled today and it declines car use.

What is going to happen?

Everyone knows that London Heathrow is the busiest of all airports in the UK. It accommodates millions of passengers annually, and most of these passengers either come or go by public transportation means. Finding nearest and cheapest Parking at Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 is a big challenge in itself. To resolve this issue, there are so many parking service providers around here and Parking 4 Airport is one who offer best prices.

cheapest Parking atHeathrow Airport Terminal 4
Cheapest Parking at Heathrow Airport Terminal 4

The passengers come from various locations use different routes to reach appropriate terminal. For those who come from Fleet Street knows it really well how traffic infested it is and they often get traffic jams. And once you are stuck, the poor air quality also presents a number of health issues.

Landscape experts from London have suggested a complete closure of some of the busiest boulevards for car use and Fleet Street might be the first one to go with this.

Who has taken the initiative?

Daniel Raven-Ellison, who is also known as “Guerrilla Geographer”, is behind this campaign with a team from WATG – an architecture firm – to make London the very first city national park in the whole world.

What proposals have they made?

The collapse of the Garden Bridge project is the first thing in their proposal and came up with the idea of constructing new buildings featuring their own irrigation reservoirs and infused with native wildflower seeds.

The car parks and roads that are infested with traffic now, will be reclaimed, flowers and plants will take their place while leaving just a narrow central path for the cyclists. Since there will be no tarmac for the cars, general public will be urged to use cycles or, most preferably, walk around to get to their work.

Is it going to do just that?

No, not at all. The plan is to help London’s native wildlife move around free by connecting available open spaces and parks together in this one gigantic green block.

“Our inspiration was to think about London in the future where there are fewer cars on the road and fewer car lanes. This idea claws back space from the roads and returns it to the people of London” said vice president of planning and landscape at WATG, John Goldwyn.

What Raven-Ellison has to say about it?

The “Guerrilla Geographer” is very hopeful that the Londoners will work together with them to make this dream of making London a greener and biodiverse place for all. He also said that their resources and creativity will be put to right use and they will not rest until this dream comes true.

Making London a greener and biodiverse place
Making London a greener and biodiverse place

When and where be a trial run?

The location of the “Green Boulevard” for the first small-scale trial has not be revealed yet but it will be somewhere early next year. The Mayor of London has assured The London National Park idea has his unconditional, full backing.

How it will effect parking at Heathrow?

If this “no car use” plan works out as proposed, then it will be effecting the whole London. Less cars mean less need to park, and if this is the case, the parking service providers will be having a tough time in the future.

How it will effect parking at Heathrow
How it will effect parking at Heathrow

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