Top Places to Visit in United Kingdom

Parliament Buidling of United kingdom

United Kingdom has a unique history to show with modern advancements of new era.

UK offers a complete package of attractions for visitors around the globe. We have discussed about delicious food opportunities at Heathrow airport terminal 3 in our previous article. Now in this article we are going to look into some cool and top attractions to visit in UK.

UK has a diversity of attractions to present for its tourists to visit and enjoy, ancient castles, old walled cities, latest museums and modern architecture of industrial sites.

Feel free to comment your place of choice from UK in the comments, so we and all other readers can learn about good places in the UK.

Windsor Castle, Windsor

It is a fabulous castle Situated at the bank of river Thames in Berkshire County. British Royal Family is using as their residence for decades now. Windsor castle was the loved place of Queen Elizabeth II as she liked to most of time here. Most hot things to look for, here at Windsor castle is the state apartments which offers to see the Royal Collection paintings.

World’s largest dolls house, Queen Mary’s Doll’s house is located here. The doll’s house has most beautiful and most famous doll of the world.Final rest places of Henry VIII and Charles I are also located in the castle.

Visitor can avail an entry ticket for multiple entries to see the castle. So you may go for lunch or food toward surroundings. The Windsor & Eton railway station has bars and restaurants and shopping opportunities.

British Museum, London

An artwork at its best in British Museum in the form of neoclassical building. It is a museum to express human history, art and culture. It has history to look for in its own, making it most attractful place to see in the United Kingdom.

Dignity Showed in Great Buildings of British Museum
Dignity Showed in Great Buildings of British Museum

British Museum is the no doubt world’s greatest museum. It has established way back in 1753. It has almost 8 million pieces of antiques of interest, Mummies of ancient Egypt, Elgin Marbles of Acropolis in Athens. Opening starts from 10 am in the morning and entry is free of cost.

London Eye

It is the most popular visitor place in London. A huge 135 meters tall wheel like structure is its main attraction. It was mainly built to celebrate London’s millennium celebrations.

The Gigantic Ferris Wheels provides a sightseeing view on the bank of river Thames, Which becomes more awesome at night time with lights and scene of river and building situated along.

London Eye at The Bank of Thames River
London Eye at The Bank of Thames River

Tower of London

If you are in London and wants to discover the 1000 years of History of the British Empire, just look into Tower of London and be amazed by this great place of interest. This building was built in 1066. Great attraction to visit in Tower of London includes The Crown Jewels, The Yeoman Warder, Ravens, Fortress and The White Tower. There are plenty of cheerful things to see for adults and children.

Magnificent Tower of London
Magnificent Tower of London

Eden Project, Cornwall

It is the world’s largest rain Forrest in the world located in Cornwall. A place to visit for the whole family. Structures built with glass like domes are worth seeing.

Amazing Domes of Glass at Eden Project Cornwell
Amazing Domes of Glass at Eden Project Cornwell

Heathrow Airport London

Heathrow airport is also a place to see in London, as it is the largest airport in Europe. Its terminal building at terminal 5 is largest free structured building of the Europe. Visitors and travelers at Heathrow airport can avail a great deal of car parking services at Heathrow airport through our website at discounted price and extra benefits.

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