Virgin Atlantic Dreamliner’s Improving Noise Reduction at Heathrow

Virgin Atlantic Airline Airplane flying in the Air

Dreamliner Boeing planes are taking good role in Heathrow policy to reduce the noise

We have discussed use of robots in baggage system at Heathrow airport in our previous article. Now discussing Heathrow management strategy to lower the noise produced by planes landing and taking off from the airport.

The areas near Heathrow has to bear the enormous noise produced by the jumbo airplanes of Heathrow airport.

Latest record shows that Virgin Atlantic airline has improved its performance in producing low noise by using the latest state of the art jet plane the Dreamliner. Other airline like Qatar airways, Air Canada, British airways and Air India are also using 787 Dreamliner to add in noise reduction policy of Heathrow airport.

Noise Produced by Airplanes is Extremely Harmful for Humans
Noise Produced by Airplanes is Extremely Harmful for Humans

Heathrow implies more fee for older aircraft’s

By implementing these advancements Heathrow airport is going to become the first largest airport to get rid of most noisy airplanes, which fall in the chapter 3 of noisiest and oldest class of aircraft’s. Heathrow policy to charge ten times more landing fee for old aircraft’s is inspiring airlines to include latest less noisy Dreamliner in their squad.

Heathrow enforces airlines to use specific routes for nearby locality

As British Government has applied rules to use specific preferred routes in the air near Heathrow airport locality also called the “track keeping”. Data shows for last three months, there is an improvement in noise reduction for airlines sticking the air route defined by Heathrow. Air France, SN Brussels and Aegean has got good rating in track keeping criteria.

Heathrow Management is Taking Precautions to Reduce Noise
Heathrow Management is Taking Precautions to Reduce Noise

Matthew Gorman, Director of Sustainability and Environment explains

Heathrow’s Director of Sustainability and Environment Mathew Gorman has explained about Heathrow’s noise reduction strategy in a briefing.

“The result is showing advancements in our work to reduce noise and airline companies are making good moves to improve this policy. Latest Progress bar is quite encouraging, that airlines are bringing in new less noisy aircraft’s like Dreamliner and reducing the use old noisiest planes. Airlines are continuing to use new airplanes not only because heavy fee they have to pay for using old aircraft’s but also airlines are taking part positively in Heathrow’s strategy to reduce noise for the locality around Heathrow airport.

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